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As a Speaker, Entrepreneur and Non-Profit Leader, Shelby Kearney inspires people to action!  Shelby’s experiences in business and in life have prepared her to uniquely serve others.  During Shelby’s three decades in real estate ownership and property management, she saw first-hand the different challenges of her clients.  Challenges she herself faced during and after her incarceration. 

As a result of her own struggles, she went on to build a non-profit empire that companies like PSV Properties, LLC, SOS Home Management, LLC, Omega Training Solutions, The Robert M. Jackson Veteran’s Center and the Divine Faith Christian Alliance, Inc. have asked her to speak at their events.

Shelby is a living, breathing example that you can make money and make a difference.  You can take your life and your life stories and use them to motivate others‼

who is shelby Kearney?


non-profit leader


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inspires motivates leads

From the second she steps on stage, your audience won't be able to take 
their eyeballs off Shelby Kearney. This is engagement at its finest!!

Shelby kearney

Shelby kearney

Shelby kearney

Shelby kearney

"From Prison

to Powerhouse Presenter!!!"

"She Survived Prison, She'll Eat Your
Sales Team Up!!"

Shelby Kearney can customize the presentation for your event.

Tell us your theme and she will build a presentation around it!

Acceptance Speech

of a van donated by The Robert M. Jackson Veterans Center at their gala in Granville, PA.

Click to watch Pop's House Founder
and CEO, Shelby Kearney
on ABC27 James Crummel's
"Return the Favor".


See and hear Shelby in action!

Success Speaker

at the Launch Your Business 3-Day Bootcamp for the Happy Black Woman community in Atlanta, Georgia.

Let’s face it, most speakers are the same.  They ask people to raise their hands, use boring PowerPoints, etc. etc., but Shelby will leave your audience with their mouths hanging open!





Shelby looking on as she prepares to speak during the panel discussion at the Happy Black Woman's DC Blogging School event.

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